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A real estate website serving NYC and Long Island area featuring real time MLS listings integration.
Listings are matched to school districts using NY state public school data feed and located on map along with nearby schools utilizing google maps API. This website features live chat, RSS Atom feeds, google base, and listing syndication and is indexed by all major search engines.

Technology: Asp.Net, C#, jQuery, SQLServer 2008
Browser Compatibility: All browsers

Jewelry web store with user friendly back end administrative section. Designed specifically to allow unlimited categories, subcategories, products, product types, product groups, product attributes and options.
Special product batch import area that allows effortless product inventory changes. Google base feeds and search engine optimization techniques allow this website to present each product with unique keywords and descriptions. This web store offers custom shopping cart that is integrated with Paypal Pro, PayPal Express and Google CheckOut.

Technology: Asp.Net, C#, jQuery, jQueryUI, SQLServer 2005
Browser Compatibility: All browsers

Eyewear web store that offers high end prescription glasses, sun glasses and accessories.
Fixed malfunctioning back end section, numerous broken links and images. Implemented a number of improvements like xml sitemap and URL rewriting so each product can be indexed by search engines.

Technology: Asp.Net, C#, jQuery, SQLServer 2005
Browser Compatibility: All browsers

Commercial and residential rentals website in Long Island NY. Fixed broken website left by previous developer. Enhanced certain features, added boat slips and apartment search sections.

Technology: Asp.Net, VB.Net, Microsoft User Interface Process Application Block, SQLServer 2000
Browser Compatibility: IE6,IE7,IE8
Health Care Company Management
Health Care Management Software

A software package that is used to run health care company's business. It allows to manage provider credentials, schedules and patient visit details. It integrates with the billing software to generate payroll, financial reports, anomaly reports and hundreds of other reports about doctors, credentials, facilities, schedules etc. It generates daily emails with expiring credentials and other potential issues. It generates faxes, insurance documents and keeps track of employee time. It organizes all essential business tasks in one easy to use software suite.

Technology: VB6, SQLServer 7, VSFlexGrid, Active Reports, Medical Manager and GE Centricity medical billing software
GE Centricity Customization
GE Centricity Physicians Office Customization

Numerous Centricity Physicians Office customizations developed for large health care company. Data import/cleansing, exports of medical billing data and report customization.

Technology: VB6, SQLServer 7, Crystal Reports, GE Centricity
IT Support Ticket Management
Ticket Management Software

This application was developed for a hospital to simplify their help desk routine. With this application each service call is logged, tracked and technician can be promptly dispatched with all the necessary information needed to solve a technical issue at hand. It also features a reporting section which allows printing reports on various variables like frequencies of specific calls, users requesting help, technicians' time, computers with most problems etc.

Technology: VB6, SQLServer 7, Access, HDS
Various other projects dealing with health care, legal, travel, real estate, ecommerce and financial industries.
Data conversions, utilities, data imports/exports, software customizations and integrations, performance optimizations and reports.
Free Web Utilities

Multi-Mapper - Map multiple locations on a single map.
Kindle Collection Maker - Create kindle collections out of folder structure on your pc.
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